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CERAMIC KNIFE SET, 3 PIECES ( 3", 4", 5") Double blister color card

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$ 41.99 USD

CERAMIC KNIFE SET, 3 PIECES ( 3″, 4″, 5″), Double blister color card, With sheathes

This 3-piece ceramic knife set is a versatile addition to any kitchen, offering precision cutting with its array of sizes that include a 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch knife. Each knife features a sharp, white ceramic blade that provides exceptional cutting performance. Ceramic blades are known for their resistance to rust, stains, and odors, making them ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats with minimal effort.

The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and are made from durable black plastic with a non-slip texture, ensuring a secure grip even when wet. The sleek black handles are contrasted with stylish white accents along the edges, enhancing the modern aesthetic of the knives.

The set comes packaged in a double blister pack with a colorful card, making it perfect for gifting or safe storage. The protective sheaths included with each knife help preserve the sharpness of the blades and ensure safety when the knives are not in use.

Ideal for both professional kitchens and home use, this ceramic knife set combines functionality, style, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen tools.

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